When it comes to cleaning, I’ve always gone round and round in circles about what I want from the products I’m using. Previously (probably when our dogs were allowed in all parts of our house and Milo was learning to crawl) I wanted full-blown bleach and germ-blasty. Then I worried about the boys touching surfaces after me just cleaning them or breaking in to my cleaning cupboard and coming to some kind of harm. Then, I wanted to search for eco-friendly products but couldn’t seem to find anything a) stocked where I shop and b) which actually still got rid of the grime as much as I’d want it to. I like thorough but not harmful. And I’ve never really stuck with one brand.


I’ll admit, when ALKIMI first got in touch to discuss working together, I was drawn in by the packaging and the logo. I agreed to give their line a go and then panicked my love for strong branding might have just tripped me up but oh have they delivered.

Firstly, before launching in to what they’re all about and each product individually, I wish so much smell-a-blog-post was a thing. Like, scratch ‘n’ sniff your laptop. Because while no, scent isn’t hugely important in the grand scheme of things, all the natural ingredients in these cleaners make your home smell decadent. While I was shooting these accompanying photos, I was actually wittering to my poor photographer friend who takes my snaps (Jo) about how different and delightful each one smelt and thrusting them under her nose, there’s just nothing better. Now I’ve been using them all for a while I think I’ve decided the windows/glass cleaner’s my favourite and thanks to this, I’m actually bothering to clean my windows so everyone’s a winner.

With that covered, I’d also really like to shout about their ethos and what makes them someone I’m so happy to have found. ALKIMI are eco-friendly and use sustainably sourced alternatives to petro-chemical solvents which really aren’t all that great for us to be around.

There’s no chlorine, no bleach, no harmful alcohol (which is great news for me because it’s crazy the amount of stuff which does and it plays havoc with my skin) and there’s no artificial dyes or colours. Sustainably sourced, natural ingredients; that’s what ALKIMI is made from.

Everything ALKIMI makes (in their Suffolk factory) is recyclable, safe to use around children, animals and pregnant women and the brand itself just gives off an incredibly wholesome vibe. It’s clear they’re doing everything right and not only have they made a range ethically strong, they deliver on the quality front too.

I really wanted to give these guys a few weeks of testing to see if the standard was maintained and my mind wasn’t just bleating ‘they make everything smell nice! Write a good review!’; and genuinely, they’ll be a regular in my Amazon basket, along with my chicken and duck feed from now on (That’s a point to note too actually; right now they’re only stocked with Ocado, Amazon and Booths. Should they start rolling out anywhere else, I’ll make a point to highlight it on my social media).

So, let’s take a look at the entire range in a little more detail. These are all the products I began using a few weeks ago; 

ALKIMI Kitchen Cleaner which smells, to quote Joey from FRIENDS, like summer in a bowl. Grapefruit seed extract is believed to have certain anti-microbial and anti-fungal benefits and rather than smelling worryingly antibacterial in a place you’re cutting food for your little ones, it just smells fresh (probably the inclusion of tea-tree oil). I spritz this on the high chair in between meal times and all over our kitchen worktops and never feel like it hasn’t done the job. While the rest of my house is often left looking like a landfill site, I’m hot on keeping the kitchen in order so this was the product I was most keen to try out.

ALKIMI Bathroom Cleaner is a one-stop shop for all bathroom surfaces including baths, sinks, tiles and taps. Made with eucalyptus extract and clove oil (which inhibits the growth of moulds and bacteria) this leaves everything looking shiny and new.

ALKIMI Multipurpose Cleaner powers through dirt and grime and after trying to make a conscience effort not to reach for the wet wipes every two minutes, this is the replacement. Orange oil has been known to exhibit anti-fungal and antiseptic qualities as well as being a renowned degreaser so it’s fab for spritzing round places like radiator covers and window sills when little fingers have been grabbing and I love the hint of ginger (no pun intended).

ALKIMI Window/Glass Cleaner – my favourite! I suppose most importantly, leaves your windows streak free but also, gosh the smell. Minty, zingy, with insect repelling features. It includes aniseed too which has been used throughout history for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal features (didn’t know that before this campaign so also feel like I’ve learned a fact)

ALKIMI Shiny Surface Cleaner is another multi-functional spray if you just want to buy one product which covers you in a lot of areas. This one works on all home shiny surfaces including stainless steel, appliances and ceramic hobs and inhibits the chance of any germs lingering. I’m just happy to have a few different choices for my kitchen spritzes.

This isn’t (hopefully anyway) me promoting this brand as a one-off, this is a complete change-up of my cleaning regime and a name I hope to get behind for the forseeable. I’ll be continuing to stick with ALKIMI long past the end of the bottles currently sat under my sink and I’d love it if you felt you trusted me enough to give them a go too. As always, I really do welcome feedback when you’ve gone away and tried stuff yourself; the good, the bad and everything in between.  So, go give this badass nature-driven, eco-friendly brand some support and drop me a message to let me know how pleased you are in finding them too. I genuinely see them becoming a household firm favourite.


13th November 2018 | Testimonials

Susie Verill