Have you heard about ALKIMI?

ALKIMI is an innovative first in household cleaning. Have you heard about them?  It is likely you haven’t but that is a shame because it’s a new cleaning sensation. I have been trying their products for a month or two now and although I was sent the products to try once they run out I will be buying and continuing to use them.

ALKIMI use naturally derived ingredients to produce non-toxic products. That isn’t necessarily new, there are lots of natural ingredients on the market but they often lack the efficacy to actually work effectively. Which is where ALKIMI is different.

There are currently five products in the range: a kitchen cleaner / a bathroom cleaner / a multi purpose cleaner / a window and glass cleaner and a shiny surface cleaner. If I was being really picky I would beg that they include a floor cleaner that comes in a larger bottle, and a toilet cleaner too. Then I would also be able to dump my other products.

Shiny Surface Cleaner

This cleaner contains bergamot essential oil and lemongrass extract and works brilliantly on stainless steel or ceramic hobs. I use it on our draining board and it looks cleaner and shinier than ever.

Multi Purpose Cleaner

There’s orange and oil in this which has been known to exhibit anti fungal and antiseptic qualities, so it smells gorgeous as well as being a fabulous degreaser. To add to the antiseptic properties there is also ginger root in it. I first used this as a floor cleaner because we had a bin bag that literally fell apart as I pulled it out of the bin, emptying all over the floor. Once we had picked up the all the mess I filled the bucket with a good glug of this and mopped the floor clean. It left the room smelling like I had lit an expensive candle, as well getting a seal of approval from Mr Cheeks.

So many cleaning products can contain harmful ingredients, especially those we use around our animals. We think nothing of spraying bleach or powerful disinfectants all over the floor not realising that our pets can be incredibly sensitive to this stuff. The latest cleaning craze that seems to be sweeping the nation doesn’t pay attention to the danger it could be doing to our animal’s health, or indeed our own. It is good to know, therefore, that using these products around Mr Cheeks and Bob isn’t going to harm them.

Kitchen Cleaner

Grapefruit seed extract in this mean it makes light work of grease and kitchen grime. It is also used in the cosmetic industry because it has anti-microbial and anti-fungal benefits too. There is also tea tree oil in it which I always associate with clean and antiseptic (probably because I was told it was a great way to stop children getting head lice so I used tea tree oil A LOT when my children were younger!). I used this to clean the cupboard to the side of the oven that always gets splattered with grease and didn’t need to use any elbow grease on top!

Bathroom Cleaner

Is there any greater smell than eucalyptus? When our next door neighbours cut down their tree I made sure I grabbed as many leaves as I could so extract the oil (though in doing so I did ruin our old slow cooker, oops) and use it to clean or put in an oil burner because I adore the smell. We live in a hard water area so it feels like the limescale battle is constant, or rather it was. There is also clove oil in it too which helps inhibit mould growing on the grout in the shower thankfully!

Glass Cleaner

Cleaning windows is my least favourite chore (which will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever been to our house). This one leaves windows streak free so it takes just a few minutes to clean them, and because it contains mint it means that flying beasties are repelled. What’s not to love?!


Available from Sainsburys, Ocados or Amazon for £2.99 each or you can buy all five for £17.50.

5th August 2019 | Testimonials

Mummy Barrow