AD | As you all know I am all about that natural cleaning product life – I try really hard to be mindful about reducing chemicals around the home. ?

ALKIMI are the best non toxic range I’ve found – in fact they even done their own independent tests to confirm this (they also came back better than more toxic cleaning products too ??)

It’s a range of products that work WITH nature, not against it. It smells divine. The Eucalyptus Bathroom Cleaner has my heart but the Grapefruit Kitchen Cleaner smells so uplifting. ?

ALKIMI combines the power of nature and science to offer you a non toxic cleaning product safe for you and your home. ?

To see the other benefits on the back of the bottle! click here ??

You can pick up a bottle (or five ?) in Sainsbury’s or online via Amazon & Ocado!

11th September 2019 | Testimonials

Georgina Clarke

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