THIS IS AN ADVERT. And I will explain why I have decided to partner up with ALKIMI for this paid post. 1⃣This is a brand new product range that is just about to hit the market (it will be on sale next month, I will share more details in a blog post then) 2⃣ We all have to clean our home 3⃣We might not necessarily WANT to share our home space with a whole load of toxic formulations 4⃣ALKIMI uses a brand new, innovative combination of natural and sustainably sourced products 5⃣It doesn’t contain ANY bleach! Instead it uses eco-solvents that come from soya beans, mixed with essential oils and botanicals 6⃣ They blast through dirt and get things naturally clean 7⃣It makes it safe for you and everyone in your house to use 8⃣ALKIMI are a local company to me, based in Ipswich. They are family-owned and make everything in the UK 9⃣I have been trialling the products for a few weeks, before deciding whether I could talk to you about them ?I am really impressed by the cleaning power 1⃣1⃣ This shot wasn’t staged, but a complete fluke. We had just finished dinner and I am one of those mean mums (?) who forces the kids to load the dishwasher and help tidy up. This was them cleaning the table and they just happened to grab this. I took a photo because I wouldn’t have been able to set it up again! (1⃣2⃣ This would be a good time to say take care when letting children use the products) 1⃣3⃣As well as the products themselves being environmentally friendly alternatives to petrochemical solvents, every bit of the bottle is recyclable. They are also looking into making it from completely recyclable materials as a matter of priority. 1⃣4⃣They’re taking their eco creds seriously, the state of the art factory they built last year to produce the range uses a large amount of harvested rain water (from their roof) in the manufacturing process. 1⃣5⃣ Sometimes a useful, everyday product from a company that’s trying to do something different is worth a shout out! #AD


9th August 2018 | Testimonials

Erica Davies

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