THIS IS AN ADVERT.  I don’t know if you remember, but a few months ago, I showed off a product range called ALKIMI, who were trying to do something new and different and KIND in the world of cleaning products. As it was something a bit different for me – and because it was a paid partnership – I felt it was important to let you know the reasons I decided to team up with them. And given the conversation that’s quite rightly happening now about fast fashion and plastics, the main decider for me was the fact they’re eco-friendly. They contain natural, sustainably-sourced alternatives to petro-chemicals and absolutely NO bleach, chlorine or parabens (which means they’re safe to use around kids and pets). But the important thing is that they WORK. I’ve been using them all since before I last posted and they genuinely do work. The (v pretty!) packaging is also 100% recyclable AND everything is made in the UK, in a purpose-built factory where they use a large amount of harvested water (from their roof) in their manufacturing process. When I first posted about them, they were so new they weren’t yet on the market – but now I can share that the range can be found on Ocado and Amazon. Fashion takes many forms, but talking about brands trying to do some good should always be cool! #AD#WeAreAlkimists


7th November 2018 | Testimonials

Erica Davies

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