Summer Caking making??? It’s not fun is it? No air con???? Then choose your recipes wisely!!?!! Well recently I had to make my dad’s fav while I was on a family vacay and he is VERY particular.

Usually in summer working against elements I only choose certain recipes, ganache based is always a good option, marshmallow options, naturally you can whip cream and fold cream cheese/mascarpone through, it won’t be super stiff but will still be firm enough. A lot of people use Trex or others similar fats- yes it sets your butter cream, but No, baby No! Taste is not pleasant. Any way here’s a few tips in the video n this cake is worst case scenario because it’s a super runny frosting even in winter but its unspoilt and more importantly its not sweet for my dad there is a lot of ingredients he won’t or can’t have but if I can make this work then my darlings I believe anything if possible. Take note of the climate proof tips insta fam ?


Here is how I clean up after the mess I have created, I use ALKMI.

11th August 2019 | Testimonials

Debbie Wingham

Celebrity Haute Couture Designer turned ‘Caketress’