Cleaning the Natural Way With ALKIMI

BY Beauty and Babies

I’ll be honest, cleaning isn’t my forte, If we had the budget for a cleaner then I’d be investing for sure, there really isn’t much that gets me excited about wanting to clean my house apart from obviously the results. However I am a sucker for a good product, we all have those go-to’s that make the mundane tasks that little bit more enjoyable, I have laundry detergent I love, fabric softener I couldn’t live without etc. But I didn’t really have any specific cleaning products in terms of windows, sides, sinks, that got me excited or raring to go, that was until I discovered Alkimi. I’m pretty brand loyal and I stick with what I’m getting good results from, so after giving Alkimi cleaning products a solid month of testing, I could rest happy knowing how many boxes they ticked before talking about them here.

For me cleaning products can turn a little ‘samey’, as if in some way your house gets used to them and they don’t seem to work as efficiently as they did before. I hate that. So when I got hold of the range from Alkimi in my head I was fully prepared for that, but I’ve been really pleasantly surprised. I’d actually first heard about them from my good friend Georgina, she shared them on Instagram and it definitely pricked my interest. When the boys were younger I was so focused on how everything had to be sterile and spotless, because heaven forbid they pick up a bug or there is dirt where they’re playing, and in doing so would pretty much nuke most surfaces with what was probably an absolute plethora of chemicals, not thinking of the damage those themselves can do. Naturally I did a little bit of digging on Alkimi and when I realised that they’re not only eco-friendly, but have removed harmful preservatives, alcohols and abrasive chemicals, such as chlorine and formaldehyde – I knew I needed to give them a shot. I’ve really suffered with me skin over the last 12 weeks, and only this last month has it started to calm down, so with a really bad psoriasis outbreak on my hands, I absolutely wanted to avoid my skin coming into contact with any harsh chemicals. The chemicals that are hidden in a lot of cleaning products definitely worry me, especially when you think of cleaning down your childrens’ highchairs that they then eat off, or the bathtub that their delicate skin sits in, I figured if I could opt for much more natural products that do the same, if not better jobs – then I would.

On first impressions I was obviously bowled over by the appearance of the products and anyone who says they don’t care about that I would put safe money on their lying. I don’t know why it gives me joy when products are aesthetically pleasing but it just does, and Alkimi are definitely that. With each bottle having a different colour code, it’s easy to distinguish when they’re all in the cupboard, my head is already in tune with ‘ok, so I need orange to clean the kitchen worktops’ ‘blue belongs in the bathroom’. They’ve made it easy for you which as someone who finds cleaning more of a pain than therapeutic, I’m ecstatic about.

The bathroom cleaner was the first thing I ended up using, as a mum of two boys and one adult boy in the household too, I am outnumbered and therefore I find the toilet seat up or sprinkled way more than I’d like to admit. We all know what the male public toilets can smell like and I certainly have to exercise a rigorous routine in our bathroom to ensure it doesn’t end up that way here. Thankfully the bathroom cleaner from Alkimi contains Eucalyptus extract and not only does that make it smell absolutely incredible, but eucalyptus is known for it’s anti-septic and insect repelling properties, so it’s a win win all round. It’s teamed with clove oil too which is an extra special essential oil that has been known to reduce the growth of mould, yeasts and bacteria, which is perfect as nothing is more unsightly in a bathroom than mouldy tile grout or sealant. The kitchen cleaner was next up on my favourites, with Grapefruit seed extract it too smells almost good to eat (don’t do that though, however tempting!) it actually reminded me a little bit of a fruit salad, the scent it gave off. Grapefruit seed is fantastic for it’s anti-microbial and anti-fungal benefits, which is exactly what you want and need in the kitchen of a family of four. I’m forever wiping down the sides and I even tip a little cap full of this one in my spray mop to go over any little spillages throughout the day.

For me not only did the kitchen cleaner itself stand out, but the shiny surface cleaner too. I like the fact I had options in my kitchen, I’m not just using one jack of all traders product, but instead each of the cleaners are more specialist in their area. I can tell the difference from when I used a bog standard anti bacterial cleaner on my hob, to when I’m using Alkimi’s shiny surface cleaner, there are no streaks! You can use it on your dish drainers, taps etc and feel confident because it isn’t made with any of the harsh chemicals, but instead contains lemongrass extract and bergamot oil!

It’s been a over a month now since I unboxed my Alkimi products, and it’s pretty obvious that they’ll be staples in this household. The whole range is fantastic from the glass cleaner, right through to their multi purpose, every single one has been used thoroughly and now I feel a bit swizz that I have specific cleaners for specific things. (Yay for finally being an adulting adult). The range is now available to buy in Sainsbury’s or online from Amazon or Ocado starting from just £2.99, what a bargain.

4th November 2019 | Testimonials